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Augmented Reality Sandbox: Nice article in the local Fairbanks newspaper about the augmented reality sandbox GINA’s Greg Wirth put together. It’s on display at the Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference this week in Fairbanks. More to follow…


EPSCoR LiDAR and Aerial Photography Data Products

Want to hear about all the neat data products coming from the EPSCoR Alaska ACE Project?  Come listen to Lisa Wirth’s talk at the Alaska Surveying & Mapping Conference on Wednesday, March 26th at 3:30 pm. Below is an example of aerial photography draped over a DEM derived from LiDAR data showing ice-wedge polygons on Alaska’s North Slope.


Mobile LiDAR is SO COOL!!! Part 5

One more sample of the point cloud data acquired by Quantum Spatial using their mobile LiDAR during a visit to GINA last Fall, 2013.


Mobile LiDAR is SO COOL!!! Part 4



Augmented Reality Sandbox


Testing the EPSCoR-ACE Augmented Reality Sandbox. This image is showing contour lines of a shoe filling with simulated water. People will be able to view and use it at the Alaska Survey and Mapping Conference GINA booth in March 2014.

What is an Augmented Reality Sandbox?  Check out this video:


Mobile LiDAR is SO COOL!!! Part 3

More of the point cloud data acquired by Quantum Spatial during their Fall 2013 visit to GINA at UAF…


Mobile LiDAR is SO COOL!!! Part 2

Here are a few samples of the point cloud datasets acquired by Quantum Spatial during their visit to GINA last Fall 2013!!!  Can you pick anyone out of this lineup?  Yep, these are point cloud data rendered in QT Modeler.image


Mobile LiDAR is SO COOL!

You may recall, this last Fall, 2013, Aerometric (now Quantum Spatial) visited GINA here at UAF to demonstrate their newly acquired mobile ground vehicle mounted LiDAR capability. This is a snapshot of the unit. Next in the queue, we’ll show you some of the results…image


This Tuesday: UAF-GINA Mapping of Alaska’s Resources CIP Lunch and Learn


This coming Tuesday the 18th Mark Myers the Vice Chancellor of Research of University of Alaska Fairbanks and I (Dayne Broderson from Geographic Information Network of Alaska) will be in Juneau for a Legislature Lunch and Learn event.  We will be doing an education presentation centered around the University of Alaska Fairbanks Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for Digital Aerial Mapping of Alaska’s Resources.
The one page overview:
Official flier overview:
Join us for lunch to learn about high-quality geospatial data, obtained through digital aerial mapping of Alaska’s resources, that are essential for the economic success of all Alaska communities. This is a new tool to bring together existing data sources into a single, easy-to-use source for decision-makers.

The flier:
What you will get if you attend:  Free lunch (provided from private funds) with an educational presentation by Mark and I.  I’ve created a mega slide deck of over 50+ slides to go through in an hour.  I encourage you and others to come by and see if we can get through all the slides.  
Tuesday, Feb.18
noon - 1 p.m.
Butrovich Committee Room, 
Second Floor, 
Capitol Building
Forward on to people in the Juneau area who love maps and mapping in Alaska, GINA web services, and free food.  I make no promises about the food but I can assure you I have some sweet maps in my slides.

Suomni NPP Day-Night-Band sensor covered in the second interview of Eric Stevens by the Alaska Weather Channel’s Dave Snider.

Eric does a great job of explaining how the day-night-band (DNB) sensor on the Suomni NPP VIIRS is bringing a whole capability to weather monitoring in Alaska and why it is especially useful in the deep dark of winter.

For more details on the Day-Night-Band check out the Frontier Scientist article done last spring: